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This slave is completely subjugated by the beauty of my B side and is always begging me to be allowed to lick my ass. His persistence is annoying me, but I know how to shut-up his mouth once and for all: since he wants at all cost to taste my ass, I will have him do it my way, a way that he will not forget for a long time. I'm going to tie him down and make him under go a long session. If I want, I can make, with my ass, an air-tight stopper of his nose and mouth, turning it into a instrument. Very soon, this stupid worm starts squirming, trying desperately to get a breath of air; he hopes that I have mercy on him but, the only breath he is gonna get, will be the aphrodisiac scent of my ass-hole into his nose. For sure, this stupid slave, next time, will be very careful about annoying his Mistress with silly requests.

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