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Got a little contest going on for us today at Japanboyz. We have, in the red, Yura, a "hole" man with the ability to bottom his way into anyone's hard-on. And Takashi, in white, who's "staying in" stamina is "well felt." In this battle of the "sexiest," both will endure lots of pleasure for our enjoyment; yep, whatever has these two teaming up, works for me. Takashi begins with a nice jab to his throat; he swallows Yura all the way. As the twink moans, the top continues to give his all, orally. Now I know this is supposed to be a duel, but I'd say they are "playing on the same team." Yura then goes for a tight lip-lock on Takashi's nipples, before going for the "low blow." Camera zoom in for all the action as the crowd goes wild. Oh wait, that's just Yuri's "hovering." With thrusts and "slows," both men set the stage for a real "pounding;" I do love officiating these match ups.
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