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I was feeling quite randy tonight and was pleased that I was requested away from from my public chat and into a private session with my favorite toy "Chance" from Bad Dragon. Not only is it one of my most taboo fantasies but also one of the most pleasurable toys to fuck all of my holes with. With my thigh highs and stilettos on I get down on my hands and knees and get him nice and wet with my hungry mouth licking and sucking. Then, with my pussy spread to welcome this huge cock I take it deep down to the base before taking it all the way down again in my ass. Nothing feels so good and gets me sooo worked up as I shake and grind my ass feeling it fill me up. I slowly pull out and you can see cum dripping from the huge cock. I slide it back into my dirty mouth and clean it all up like a good slave, sucking, spitting and gagging as I look deep into your eyes and summon your release.
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