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Release Year: 2018
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A miserable male teacher who has been assigned to a girls' school in the country.
A man who used to be a wishful teacher was a little mistake,
What a sexual act with a student from the first day! What?
My teacher 's Chipodeca too! ! I was robbed for the first time, ah!
Adult tea shoes. Let's memorize the shape of Chi Po. I will become a teacher-only omaco "
The rumor quickly spread among the students,
One person, visit again with one person and a man and begging for sex -.
At the sports warehouse, at the hotel, at the student's house ...! What?
Impregnate with students anytime anywhere and sex sow sex!
Also listen to the full voice of seven luxury voice acting team!
Please enjoy the school sex life reproduced with full motion!
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