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Studio: Body Shoppe
"Welcome to Abels world. From the sexual streets and beaches of southern California, young and straight Abel is exploring gay sex with his buddies for the first time. Come and join the fun!"
Body Shoppe fans know the drill: straights polish their poles and spill their seed. College freshman Abel is "exploring gay sex with his straight buddies," but appears in only the opener, stroking with his "," Cain, an Army grunt with an especially leaky tool that makes his big knob glisten with pre-cum. My review copy had no sound track, so I dont know the connection with the other five dudes.
Abel is the quintessential college geek – fair skin, glasses – while Cain is every bit the wilder , gritty fingernails as though just off a motor pool shift. They grope themselves in briefs, haul out long, hard dicks, and show their furry manholes. Side by side next to Cains M-16 and combat boots, they jack to standup condition then turn and squirt liquid ropes on the mirror behind the bed.
Horsehung Black Marine Champ fondles well-developed pecs under his olive drab shirt and massages himself inside satin pants. When the pants slide off, then the jock strap, his donkey dick emerges roaring stiff. As he rubs it to greater length he makes it drool pre-cum in dangling strands and bounces the rod so the sticky stuff flies back to coat his cock head. He puts on a condom briefly, spreads his cheeks over the floor mirror, and sits to stroke out an unending flow on his thigh.
Latin pool hall buddies Rocky and Anthony add sexy touches like Rocky sniffing his shirt when he takes it off and both playing jock strap pocket pool. Tough guy Rocky tweaks his nipples and lets his low hangers slip out and sway as he firms up his meat. Anthony rolls a condom on his uncut shaft and swings it around like a lasso. They spray big loads on the wall mirror.
Marine cutie pie Eddy looks barely 18. Dog tags clanging on his chest, he jacks his thick, long rod, tenting his loose-fitting USMC sweats. When he lowers the sweats, his boxers protrude halfway across the room, and he flashes his sexy pearly whites. In close-up we see a well-defined cock embossed in thick, full veins, topped by a bulging helmet. His bubbly butt perks out in fleshy mounds. Hanging low are a hefty pair of man eggs. Eddy provides the third condom demo then pulls the latex off, arches back and shoots six gushing streams so voluminous theres enough left to drench his fingers.
The last scene has the only contact sex, a masked cocksucker pleasuring light-skinned Black Marine Rod and coaxing out a massive in-the-mouth sperm eruption. The cameraman screwed up, managing to lose much of the cum shot, but we see enough to know that juicy spurts gush down the guys throat, with leftover gobs everywhere, including a river down Rods crack. Before that awesome climax, Rod is hot alone and getting blown. His expressions of are priceless. For ass and ball play fans, theres more rimming and ball sucking here than in typical Body Shoppe videos.
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