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Cast: Kitty Saliery, Leony Aprill, Adel Sunshine
Genres: Lesbian, Sex Orgy, Sex Party, Sex
It's Adel Sunshine's birthday and she and all her friends are going to celebrate to the slutty lesbo max! Let Vivien and Leony Aprill introduce you to the festivities, featuring Vanessa, Kitty Saliery, Donna Joe, Jenna Lovely, and of course the girl of the hour, Adel! And just because they're lesbos doesn't mean they can't invite a stripper like the guys would do, in this case bringing in a kinky, fetishy type of babe that gives Adel a lapdance and then gets right into the lesbo fun herself! These babes pull out all the stops on this special day, with vibrators working those pussies and all of these babes feeling feistier than even their normal slutty selves! Dildos, strap-ons, and vibrators galore, this lesbo crew wants to prove they can party even harder than the guys, and with Kitty fingering her tight asshole and all of these girls going absolutely buck wild, you know you want to get in on this lesbo b-day action!! Celebrate with Adel and stay tuned for way more from this mega b-day bash!
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