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Im almost ready for the night out we have planned, you walk in and I ask you how I look...obviously I look a little too good because you cant help but turn my ass around and start pulling my dress up...I look at what iv'e done...Your rock hard...Oops.... I couldn't let us leave for the night without satisfying you of course so I pull you close, and demand you give me your cock. Let me suck your Cock, Fuck me , Ride you, And fill me with all your cum! But Wait....Did you remember we don't have condoms left?? Fuck it, I want you to give me all your babies! Impregnant me and make me a mommy again! Don't hold back your load, because I want it all! I promise ill have your cock throbbing and you'll bust your nut all inside me as you watch all the different angles I get fucked in!
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