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Cast: Andrew Stark, Billy Santoro, Brenner Bolton
Genres: hunks, muscular, threesome, big dick, hairy, smooth, oral, cumshots
Andrew Stark springs a boner in his pants while describing his most recent tryst to boyfriend Billy Santoro. Billy adds encouragement by massaging Andrew's thickening cock through his pants, then taking it out and sucking it noisily. Brenner Bolton lurks by the fireplace, unseen, stroking his own cock while he watches. Growing bolder by degrees, he catches Andrew's attention and is beckoned over. Brenner and Billy take turns with Andrew's monster cock, each holding it while the other sucks it. Then they put their lips and tongues together to give the shaft a thorough and juicy basting that leaves Andrew gasping for breath. Deciding it's his turn, Billy strips, massages his hairy chest and shoves his cock deep in Andrew's mouth. Brenner strips, then seizes the chance to suck two big cocks at once, getting rewarded when Andrew and Billy shoot extra big gooey loads on his face that he gobbles up while it's still hot. After his double mouthful of creamy jism, Brenner jacks out his own load onto the carpet.
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Duration: 17:47
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