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Mason Lear has finally brought home fellow office worker Michael to chill with him and his wife for the evening. After a wonderful dinner and some wine, the three get to talking about Nikki's favorite subject -- sex. And in particular, Nikki Knightly loves to talk about how she would like to see Mason suck a cock for her. Horned up and ready to go Nikki proceeds to pull her clothes off and beg for some cock to suck hoping it will get her husband in the bisexual mood. And wow does it ever. Soon he is sucking Michael's cock with her and a full-on bisexual threesome breaks out as not only does Mason fuck Michael Del Ray up the ass he gets fucked as well. Fun and games as the three-pound horny little Nikki's pussy hard and long all over the couch and erupt in massive loads of semen all over the place. Don't need a forensic team to tell you how much bisexual fun this group had.
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