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Big Cat is the story of a growlboy named Doug. Technically he?s a werecat, and life hasn?t been easy for him.
Chapter 1: Freak Juice starts by introducing Sam (Austin Everett), a sexy young man with a powerful habit. A habit so strong he?s technically a junkie, and in the first chapter of this story Sam is looking to get his fix. The substance? Something exotic. Something rare and special. Something he knows he can?t find without heading into the dangerous part of town.
After getting a lead from his coworker, he finds a secret, shady whorehouse that caters to desires of all kinds, particularly the strange and mysterious Prometheans. The pimp keeps his merchandise in line easily, because they know they have few options and nowhere else to go.
By manhandling and fucking his boys, the pimp Steve (Pierce Paris) has learned how to keep his stable of boys and induce furry transformation, transforming them into their true anthropomorphic selves? Once in their true gay furry form, he expertly harvests their cum by forcibly milking potent promethean (growlboy) cum from their balls to be stored and sold on the blackmarket.
In this new and thrilling space, he?s introduced to the seductive world of wild sex and power, especially when he?s given the chance to spend a night with a handsome werecat with a huge cock (Drake Magnum).
He?ll pay whatever it costs to suck down a load of promethean cum from the gay feline furry, and then get his big cock between the sexy beast?s perfectly round cheeks, bareback this cheetah furry boy and pump him full of a raw load!?
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