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Alex Chance is a very friendly girl. There's a reason she's been voted employee of the month so many times at work. She's always so bubbly, always willing to lend a helping hand. She's also a hit with the neighbors, always so friendly and helpful, with a kind word for everyone. Alex makes it a point to know all her neighbors names once they move in. She's the president of the unofficial welcoming committee! She makes it her mission to make the neighbors feel right at home and as comfortable as possible! So it's no surprise to Alex when some new neighbors move in. She usually keeps an eye out for that kind of thing, and she noticed the "For Sale" sign go down a while ago on the house next door. But what IS surprising is that the new neighbors are black. And they've got a boy. A young...athletic...very good looking boy. Alex audibly gasps when she see's him for the first time! Normally Alex is over immediately to welcome new neighbors. But this time, Alex wants to take her time. Alex spends a lot of time watching them...watching Him. Watching him and playing with herself. She see's him jogging in the morning shirtless. In his room listening to music. And every time she see's him, she notices the bulge in his pants....and she imagines doing all sorts of kinky things to the monster hiding under there! A couple days after the move in, Alex thinks her moment has finally arrived! The parents are all dressed up, and they look like they're going on a date. Which means that their sexy young boy is going to be home all alone. Alex is so excited, she can hardly contain herself. Alex whips up a batch of her famous chicken pasta, wraps it up, and heads next door to meet the neighbor. When he opens the door, Alex gets wet. Her mouth starts to water a little bit. The nipples on her Massive tits get hard. The swag dripping off him is just intoxicating!
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