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Some poor guy saw an ad for a blowjob so he came by to a really rude black girl that only wants to torture him. Instead of getting his cocked sucked, this guy finds himself in a very bad situation. The bossy girl wants to torture his cock with some really painful ball busting. She’s really merciless and not only is she hitting him in the nuts, she’s humiliating him as well! After kicking him while standing up, she makes the poor guy lay on the floor and continues smacking his balls around. At one point, she strips totally naked and gets a little carried away so she starts sucking his cock. That doesn’t last for long so she kicks him in the nuts over and over again. She tells him that she’s going to make him cum if he lets her cut his balls off. Since he thought she was kidding, he lets her and when he cums, she cuts his cock off.
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