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Studio: KinkyKicks
Genres: Femdom
The producer has called it a day and that should have been the end of filming. However, Mistress Ava Black has other ideas. He has not taken any kicks to the balls today and she thinks it only fair that the girls get a turn each at kicking him in the balls! This is genuine footage caught after we had stopped rolling, but fortunately one of the quick thinking guys on set picked up one of the backup cameras to the side and managed to film it all. The clip is only a little over one minute long but we consider this genuine impromptu ballbusting which we our members deserve to see.
Format: mp4
Duration: 1:25
Video: 852x480, AVC (H.264), 1947kbps
Audio: 91kbps

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 Date: 04/04/20 20:11   in : Femdom and Strapon 

2 hours

 Date: 04/04/20 19:41   in : Femdom and Strapon 

3 hours

 Date: 04/04/20 17:00   in : Femdom and Strapon 

5 hours

 Date: 04/04/20 14:11   in : Femdom and Strapon 

8 hours

 Date: 04/04/20 11:50   in : Femdom and Strapon 

10 hours

 Date: 04/04/20 11:10   in : Femdom and Strapon 

11 hours

 Date: 04/04/20 09:40   in : Femdom and Strapon 

13 hours

 Date: 04/04/20 09:11   in : Femdom and Strapon 

13 hours

 Date: 04/04/20 08:41   in : Femdom and Strapon 

14 hours

 Date: 04/04/20 08:41   in : Femdom and Strapon 

14 hours