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"Raunch, rough sex, inescapable bondage, hardcore S&M... the true life of dominant men and the boys they take as slaves. Bound & Gagged presents Master and Slaves 2: Ties That Bind - the second part of the critically acclaimed story.
Ties That Bind stars porn superstar Jason Branch and his real life lover Steve Ross as two top Masters who fall in love and bring their respective slaves (Jay Ross and Aaron Tanner) into the relationship. As the relationships evolve, slave Tanner recognizes his dominant side and takes a submissive puppy, Tony Ferarri.
As well as the usual extraordinary male bondage which Bound & Gagged does better than anybody, Ties That Bind offers real insights into the nature of dominant/submissive relationships.
From their daily lives to hardcore sessions in a dungeon, Ties That Bind pursues those who control and those who are controlled; those who are bound, gagged and worked over, and those who mete out the severe punishment. The action results in an all-out bondage orgy at Manhattan's famous Manhole, where in every angle men are bound, gagged, beaten into submission and f orced to cum load after load in all directions."
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