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It's been a little while since we last saw cute young Andrew Green, but we're very happy to have him back in front of our cameras and enjoying his stiff uncut cock for an amazing session of self pleasure. He's changed quite a lot since he first arrived to play with his stiff inches in his debut video. He was always a fit and sporty young man, but now he's matured a little more into an athletic young man with a lithe and tight body, ready to be displayed for all his fans. He's been training hard for the last few weeks, swimming, cycling and running. The increase in testosterone means he's always horny and needing relief, leading to a lot of jack off fun for the guy (when he's not hooking up for some BoyFun, of course!) We join him for this intense session of cock play, his long and hooded dick soon out of his sexy shorts and in his experienced hand, his foreskin slipping back to reveal a swollen and damp tip we'd all love to lick and suck. Although he'd likely welcome such attention he knows how to please himself and make a sticky mess, stroking his steel-like shaft, his balls swinging and bouncing as he plays. Watch as he shows off his tight little hole, a hairless opening soon accepting a probing finger while he explores his pucker and increases the pleasure of his solo fun. Laying on the floor and focusing on the rising waves of orgasmic pleasure he tugs on his nut sack, his balls pulling up closer to his body as his cum load prepares to splash from his tip in a final crescendo of masturbatory bliss. His active lifestyle certain pays off when it comes to unloading that dick, launching thick and sticky ropes of semen from his curved length to splash out over his arm, his stomach and thighs. Perhaps he should invite one of his training buddies with him next time and double the fun?
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