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Clearly, we don't need to mention that handsome young Sean Ross enjoys working out at the gym, it's quite obvious when you see this sexy guy's athletic body that he enjoys staying in shape. That's not all he does to stay fit and healthy, he likes playing rugby and goes biking and hiking with his friends too. I don't think there's a member here enjoying this video who wouldn't like to spend a day exploring the countryside with him, as long as it involves some friendly BoyFun.
It likely would include that, this gorgeous young athlete is more than a little accustomed to some exploration even if he still considers himself just curious. He's a confident young man who admits that he likes to masturbate at least a couple of times a day and he's really not shy about it either, a friendly tug with a pal while watching porn on a phone is the kind of fun he's used to.
His confidence shows in this debut audition. Within moments he's groping the shape of his cock bulge in his pants and taking off his shirt to reveal that gorgeous smooth and muscled body.
A few moments later his uncut cock is out and in his hand, his dick quickly stiffening up while he toys with it.
Once naked but for his socks he's ready to really show off his stroking, kneeling on the bed and pumping his hard uncut dick in his hand, his foreskin rubbing over his red swollen tip until his cum can't be held back. He really needed to satisfy himself and it seems he was really turned on knowing you're watching.
He's not quite done yet, with his load spent he's happy to relax on the bed and show off that pert little ass for you to admire and think about.
Sean is such a good-looking young man, we can't wait to see him again. Let's hope he returns to explore things a little more and have a good time with one of our other horny boys.
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