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Release Year: 2011
Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Cast: Brain Banks
Video language: English
Brian has All-American good looks. He’s the blond “boy next door” with the big smile and bright white teeth. But when he takes off his shirt, revealing his multiple tattoos, the “boy next door” leaves the room. He’s got the word ‘serenity’ plastered across his rock hard abs, with large red roses on either side. The second thing you’ll notice about this ‘American Beauty’ is the size of his cock ˜ it’s fucking huge and thick! Brian knows exactly how to put his massive tool to good use. His female friend, Kaylie, appreciates having the monster cock in her mouth and, if her moans are any sign, she digs having it inside of her as well. Brian works up a sweat during sex and fucks powerfully, all of his muscles flexing tight. Brian pulls out his big, thick took and shoots a big load of cum all over Kaylie’s belly.


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