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Who hasn’t hung around the locker room waiting to get a glimpse of that hot athletic man coming out of the shower? Stolen glances aren’t enough any more. We refuse want sporty John’s body on display 24/7. Now that he’s been humbled he’s on his knees in nothing but his stinky jock strap. His arms are bound behind his back and his mouth is stuffed to silence him. We have full access to his hairy muscular body, stroking him and handling the hefty package tightly contained in his jock. The words ‘Straight cunt’ are scrawled across his forehead so the world knows exactly what he is. His jock strap is destroyed so his big full nuts and cock hang free. John’s anal passage is teased open and a vibrator is inserted up his bum to stimulate his prostate. The filthy straight fucker can’t stop himself growing aroused as his cock is jerked.
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