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Cast: Brian Bonds, Austin Wolf
Genres: blowjob, rimming, muscle, condom
Dress code is blue jeans only when Brian Bonds meets Austin Wolf by a stack of tires. Brian's roving hands block Austin from unzipping his jeans as he shouts, 'spit in my mouth.' The instant Austin's jeans come down Brian is on his cock, slamming his nose to pubes and chin to balls until he gags. He twists Austin's nipples and Austin hooks his thumbs into Brian's mouth and stretches it while he face-fucks him hard. Austin is a massive, muscled, sexual, and Brian is an eager cocksucker. When Brian's tonsils can take no more punishment, he buries his face in Austin's muscle-butt until he nearly . Brian yells 'whoa!' when Austin unexpectedly hoists him into the air, flips him upside-down and plugs a tongue in his ass while Brian dangles airborne. He reattaches his mouth to Austin's cock and his flailing hands grab onto that pile of tires. Austin lowers Brian to solid ground and drops his nuts in his mouth, jerking out a warm, wet load. Brian ejaculates at the same instant, leaving trails of jizz on Austin's leg. Austin trembles and vocalizes total satisfaction when Brian licks his cock clean.
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Duration: 20:13
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