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Cast: Brooklyn Gray
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We're going to call this week's installment of GloryholeSecrets, "50 Shades of Brooklyn Gray." She may already be an industry girl, but she actually found us and came knocking on our door to be in the gloryhole booth. Getting down on her knees and sucking off nearly a baker's dozen's worth of strangers really turns her on, whether there is a camera present or not. 19-year-old Brooklyn loves cock. Her words. Most girls her age tell us about how much they like making out with girls too, but Brooklyn is all about the cock. You'll see as she sucks and swallows the cum out of TWELVE strangers' dicks. Her record is deep-throating a 9.5 inch cock. Wow! She tells us she is a Pisces, which, according to her, means she is really good in bed. Sounds like I need to study the zodiac in more detail (or look for more Pisces). You probably noticed Brooklyn is not wearing a bra. Well, so did we. Check out her sexy pierced nipples you can see right through her shirt. Don't worry; that shirt gets pulled up pretty quickly. You probably also noticed the solar system tattooed between Brooklyn's perky tits. She has some pretty controversial opinions on Pluto. Don't get her started. Once the interview wraps up, watch her tear through blowing and swallowing her twelve loads. Brooklyn even gets some deep-throat assistance here and there by the Mysterious Masked Man who holds her head and pushes it down on the dicks for her. He even fingers her to help her get off while she is blowing her anonymous men. We were looking for a squirt, but we'll pickup on that next time Brooklyn comes back to the gloryhole. She is another contender who wants to beat our record of 27 swallowed cumshots.
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