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Release Year: 2007
Cast: Zack Randall, Alex Chandler, Antton Harri, Dean Phoenix, Jason Ridge, Kane O'Farrell, Toby O'Connor, Tory Mason
Genres: condom, Alex Chandler, Antton Harri, Dean Phoenix, Jason Ridge, K
"In Paradise Found, director Kristofer Weston takes no prisoners (well, that's not entirely true) as he boldly explores three distinct and equally arousing fantasies, making them a reality for three men who are curious and bold enough to explore their deeper lying sexual cravings. At a secluded tropical resort, exclusively for men and with a host who seems to have all the keys to unlocking their deepest desires, Fantasy Resort brings these men to the edge of their dreams and pushes them over the brink.
A well placed ad can do wonders for your business. It can also do wonders for your love life. Paradise Found begins with one intoxicating, eye popping ad featuring none other than Luke Garrett. As the story begins we see three unsuspecting men fall under the spell of this very effective and alluring ad. Something deep inside of them stirs as their eyes glaze over the words and the captivating image of a half naked Luke Garret staring back at them from the page. One by one they are hooked and soon they do as they ad suggests and submit to their fantasies.
This resort is hosted by the handsome and sophisticated Mr. Chandler. He also has sexy assistant Tory Mason and a staff of burly and attentive servants at his disposal to make all fantasies come true. Mr. Chandler provides for his guests' every need and desire, both known and unknown.
The guests of the Fantasy Resort range from a Parisian chef (Antton Harri), a sweet and nerdy hunk-in-hiding lawyer (Zack Randall), a relaxed AussieBum-clad podiatrist (Dean Phoenix), and a hard-core leather couple (Jason Ridge and Toby O'Connor). Along with the guests are the staff of Fantasy Resort, headed by a debonair and extremely sexy Mr. Chandler (Alex Chandler), his sexy young twink assistant (Tory Mason) and a resort chef that definitely spices things up in the kitchen (Kane O'Farrell). The staff of Fantasy Resort aim to please. For additional eye candy some of Buckshot Men show off their muscles in cameo roles as half naked man servants around the resort. Carlo Masi, Luke Garrett, Adam Champ, Gage Weston and Eric Valentin round out the cast of extras on hand to serve the guests.
It's a place that promises to make your fantasies a reality, on a tropical island with a troupe of Buckshot Men at your beck and call, dedicated to fulfilling your deepest desires. Such a place can only be called Paradise, and if you ever make it to Fantasy Resort you will wonder if you have found paradise... or if paradise has found you."
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