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Studio: Cobra Video
Cast: Chris, Adam, Gavin, Corey Savage, Dylan Masters, Shaun Ferrara, Bailey Bryant, Cayden Morano
Genres: Masturbation, Twinks, White
For all of our fans who enjoy a behind the scenes look and first contact with our newest models, our Casting Couch series continues with 10 hot boyz and 7 steamy scenes including 3 scenes where the boyz do their interview with a friend. This video gives you more in the mouth and facial cum shots as well as many of the boyz being initiated by having to lick up their own venom. Listen to them share their sexual secrets, like the boy who talks about what he used to do in detention with his teacher, and our bi boyz who tell about their first times with gals and as well as boyz. Which boyz will make the cut? You get to rate them.

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 Date: 05/29/20 11:40   in : Gay Full-length films 

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 Date: 05/29/20 01:33   in : Gay Full-length films 

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 Date: 05/28/20 23:20   in : Gay Full-length films 

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