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We've dedicated the seventh instalment of the Berlin Privat series to “Young Love”. What are the young guys doing to each other in bed these days?
Six scrumptious couples in their early twenties provide the answer and reveal what they do behind closed doors. All of them appear in front of the camera for the first time. They are sweet and sporty. They're sleazy and shameless. And sometimes they're even a little bit shy.
Regardless, these lads are completely hot for one another and have just one thing on their minds – making their lover's wishes come true. This is what true love looks like.
Justin and Rick are actually both really tops, but they're newly in love. That's why Rick presents his tender arse to Justin, who fucks him using every trick in the book, from gentle to rough. Justin's hard pounding drives Rick right out of his mind.
Blond angel David still can't forget the way his heart pounded during his first encounter with Nico. Tattooed Nico is untiring in his love for sucking David's cock and loves rimming his ass just as well. Then Nico gets his arse on David's rock-hard cock for a ride that takes them both to heaven.
William, from Mexico, loves his German boyfriend Alex. The dark-skinned Latino is so horny he kisses and licks his lover awake. Alex first sucks off William's hard rod and then gets daylights fucked out of him as his reward.
For Nicolas and Reinhard it was love at first sight. Nicolas is passionate about filling Reinhard's open holes. And Reinhard is happy to take whatever Nicolas can give him.
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