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"Johnny Hazzard is trying to escape the city for a weekend at his cabin in the mountains. Upon arriving at the cabin Johnny is inspired by the beauty of nature to strip down and release all of his stress in an outdoor jack off.
Three bears - Arpad Miklos, Cole Ryder and Steve Cruz - emerge from the woods and are whipped into a sexual frenzy with the smell of Johnny's fresh-spilled cum in the air. The three bears pillage one another on, around, and in Johnny's truck.
Later that night Johnny is relaxing at his cabin when he hears a noise at the door. When he goes to investigate he's attacked by six hunky bears: Blake Nolan, Nick Moreno, Mick Powers, Manuel Torres and Daddy Bear Damien. The pack of wild hairy men are being led by Arpad Miklos, who is still on the trail of Johnny's hot scent. The video climaxes with all six bears taking part in a rampaging gangbang of Johnny that ends with him drenched with their cum. Take a trip to the woods with Johnny Hazzard in When Bears Attack."
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