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Release Year: 2000
Cast: Max Grand, Lex Kyler, Paul Carrigan, Joe Foreman, Thom Southern, Eric Scott
Genres: AnalSex, BlowJobs, Bondage, Dildos, Electro, Condom, Butt Machine
The company made (more like unleashed) the brutal and terrifically hot Slave Workshop films zaps us with this - pardon the pun - shocking flick. Hold onto your balls guys, this one hurts where it really counts. Made in conjunction with Paradise Electro Stimulations.
Flapjax is happy to report that Electro Surge is genuinely electrifyin’! Basically, a small gaggle of men learn how to make their utilities bill rise, but oh the pleasure in doing so! The story follows a couple’s flagging sex life. So while one eats ass and sucks dick with a hunk in a locker room/shower, the other one is calling an ad which promises to put a "spark" back in their currently dull love life. (It's the worst "acted" phone conversation ever).
Soon, one of the two watches a tape which demonstrates the use of some electronic toys - the likes of which science never intended for this application: on a guy’s balls, ass... wherever. He’s jerking off all the while watching this, and gobbles up his own load afterwards. Later, before our couple actually heads over, we have a scene featuring a newbie being taught the ropes of this electro-stimulation by a bald, hairy, and assured teacher. It’s really hot, even if the sci-fi electricity sound effects are a wee bit much, and the newbie’s orgasm is one of the most wound-up I’ve ever seen and/or heard.
These guys are really getting a charge (pun intended) out of this, and the loads are big from all parties. Later, our couple indeed gets their spark as this crazy-assed glass/steel stuff is rammed up butts, tied around cocks and balls, etc.
It’s all consensual (sorry, fans of Mel Gibson's erect-nipple torture scene in the original Lethal Weapon) and hot, and will drive up your crotch’s voltage big time.
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:11:37
Video: 480x320, Windows Media Video 9, 1095kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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