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From soft whimpers to guttural grunts and snarls of pleasure, Adonis’ first foray onto the Causa massage table and sexperience with direct prostate stimulation had his GBBC (ginormous) engorged and pulsing. This shoot with Adonis was a long time in cumming (pun partially intended) due to over a year of challenged communications on and off Adult Friend Finder .
When you find a guy’s secret spot, it’s incredibly erotic to see and incredibly intense for the guy being stimulated there. Wait till you see Regan’s secret spot that I discovered and his over-the-top reactions.
Other than what I read on their respective profile and the questions they answer on the model app in terms physical characteristics, previous adult work, and understanding the scope of my content, I don’t ask these guys very many questions going into the shoot. Unless they’re like Jamie who notified me upon scheduling that nothing was going up his butt (famous last words, eh?), I venture down that dark, sweaty, hairy path very carefully and then determine if there’s physical and / or verbal resistance.

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