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Franco is a hot Texas boy. He has got two kids, and is trying to keep a head budget wise.
He is packing a thick 7" cock, and girls have told him he should put his tool to work on film.
Franco identifies as straight, but he sounds fluid when it comes to guys. He has messed around them, and even danced in some gay bars, but I can tell his primary interest is women. He doesn't seem confused, just horny and loves any type of attention for either sex.
While doing his photos, I found out quickly that he jerked-off standing in the shower, so he gets hard real fast while standing. Each time he needed to get hard, he would go to standing mode.
He strips down for us, and gets his cock hard quickly. He loves the camera, and watching him stroke his fat dick while standing over us is hot to see. Franco is not afraid of his hole, and begins to finger himself aggressively. He stands over us stroking, fingering, and grinding down on us. What a view!
He lies down and the fingering continues. He has Topped a guy, and I think that is what he wants to start with for video. But this solo makes you wonder that he might not be so reluctant to Bottom.
I had him on his knees stroking, and was planning on having him nut there.
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