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Release Year: 2011
Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Cast: Dale Dabone
Video language: English
Dale Dabone is a master at the art of seduction. He likes to take it slow at the beginning, holding his sex partner’s face in both hands, staring into her eyes and kissing her slowly before nuzzling her ear and sucking on her tit. Sure enough, it’s the female that then becomes the aggressor, getting on her knees and stroking Dale’s crotch before pulling out his big, thick dick to lick and tease and, naturally, suck slowly and deeply. Dale towers over her with his powerfully-built chest. He finally kicks back on the bed, that 8 1/2 inch cock standing straight up. Finally, Dale takes charge, stripping off his playmate’s shorts and G-strings before they settle into mutual butt play. As hot as all of this will make you, nothing compares to the extended session of raw fucking, which our cameras capture from every angle. Dale turns out to be a master in one other field: timing! He pulls out a few seconds before his cum load gushes in every direction.


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