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The sexiest and happiest All-American Cum-Slurper is at it again! This time Damon Dogg takes on the city of the Thunderbird: Phoenix.
To help him service all the cum-drippin studs lined up and waiting, Damon took along his sexy side-kick Christian. If ever there was a young man with a natural-born talent for oral cock-worship, its gotta be this cumpup!
Our story begins with Damon going to "Notorious D.I.C.s" house where hes watching straight porn. Damon starts sucking his massive member with his hot mouth and luscious lips. D.I.C. cums rather quickly, but Damon cant seem to get enough of that meat as he continues sucking and keeping it hard. Damon sucks the shit out of the piece of meat before him and brings him to a bigger climax than the first time, I believe. He sucks the hell out of it again to lap up all the manly juices and doesnt miss a drop. It shows a close up of all this and you see tears running down Damons face. Next, it shows Damon in car heading to another straight guys house, named Alessandro. Alessandro pulls out his tool and begins stroking as hes watching straight porn. In walks Damon, and begins servicing his meat. He really gets into it, when he licks from the shaft down to the balls while stroking Alessandros cock. He soon climaxes, and again, Damon licks up all the cum he can find.
Now, Damon is assisted by Christian to handle three guys, Mark, Conner, and Bo, all of which are lined up in the living room awaiting their cock suckers. Christian begins working on Mark, while Damon starts with Bo, then they continually alternate between those two cocks, and Conners, who is standing in the middle. Theyre all pretty big, but Conner seems the biggest, and both Damon and Christian seem to have hard time talking ALL of it, but they give it their best! Mark cums first, with a huge load from his uncut cock. They each try to swallow as much cum as they can from Marks dick. Second, Bo shoots as the two of them try not to miss a drop, then they begin focusing on Conner. Bo leaves the room, and those two are going at it fiercely as they pop his load as they both try to be the main catcher. Some was shot on Damons face, and Christian proceeds to lick it from Damons face.
Next is a scene where Damon is sucking Mark Connellys know, which has a piercing horizontally beneath the head of his dick. Damon sucks so much, you can see spit rolling down dudes member. Damon plays with Marks nipples and chest while going down on his meat. He continues bobbing down on his tool while rubbing and massaging his nuts. This goes on for a long time until Mark grabs a hold of his dick, begins stroking and shoots across Damons face, then pumping rest of his large load down Damons throat. Damon is shocked by the amount, as he keeps saying, "fuck, damn, fuck," and continues sucking it all out. Christian met a hot twink on-line, and invited him over to show his cock-sucking abilities. They begin kissing, as Christian falls to his knees and begins arousing dudes half hard cock. He proceeds to take his large cock deep down his throat, as you hear him gagging to take it all in. Then, the guy stokes his own cock while Christian is licking and sucking around his nuts area, then goes back to consuming his dick. This goes on for a long time when the guys strokes his own cock to orgasm and drops it all in Christians mouth and down his throat.
Next scene opens in a garage with Damon and Christian ready to service Sean Hunter. They pull his pants down to expose a large stiff dick which they begin deep-throating. They each take turns engulfing his massive manhood as you can hear them gagging. Sean takes over as hes about to come, pounding away is his very large dick. He asks if theyre ready and then warns them its a lot. He shoots twice over their head, then deposits the remainder in their willing mouths. Next scene shows Mark, from 3-way earlier in the film, being serviced by Damon on his knees. He engulfs his over-sized dick and continually s himself to take it all, as you see tears run down his face. Damon is sucking away and doesnt take mouth off cock for even a second, when the guy cries out, "Im going to cum, a lot," as he mouth fucks Damon to orgasm.
There are a few more scenes for your viewing pleasure, with more cum, huge dicks, loads and loads of cum, Damon gagging while swallowing, hot guys, 3-way suck offs and more. This DVD comes with loads of extras, such as the first ever, "porn scratch - n - sniff." The scratch n sniff thing is real, its just the things you smell are, to name a few: A hot dog, smell from a rental car, (such as an air freshener) smell of a nasty ashtray, etc. The smells may not be what youre expecting, but they are indeed smells from the video.
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