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I met beefcake Derik months ago but he changed his mind at the last minute!, I got so frustrated because I knew he would be an excellent addition to the ?beefcakes? with his attitude ?macho? attitude and his thick hairy legs drive me crazy!..but I guess he never forgot about me and contact me again, I couldn?t believe it!..I got so nervous right before the shooting that I even forgot how to I haven?t felt this way since beefcake Marco and I did noticed that he was a little nervous as well, but I started to relax little by little while we had a nice chat , I learned that he enjoys playing soccer (no wonder those beautiful legs) , and as I saw he was enjoying his cock been sucked and his balls been worshiped, he didn?t feel much comfortable with me kissing his legs?well I can understand that ..
He started getting verbal and I noticed he stopped ,like holding himself ,but I encouraged him to continue?he was directing me how to get serviced and even called me that coming from him was like music to my ears lol , and just before cumming he got even rougher !?which I loved it!
Beefcake Derik is sexy, handsome, viril and horny, I would love to have him back to fuck my ass, maybe I would have to wait months but I know he will at least for another blow job because as you can see , he loves to be serviced?enjoy beefcake Derik!
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