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Papa has sold his most cherished girl to a sadistic Master to put her through a series of tests. If she passes all of the tests she will truly be ready for the ultimate honor as the golden brown, succulent centerpiece at the feasting table. She becomes increasingly wary and terrified of her Masters brutal plans of torture. Papa knows where her loyalties truly reside but she must show that she trusts Him enough to have sold her to a Master that won't destroy her perfect flesh before her day of roasting. She breaks the first rule by contacting her Papa behind her Masters back to share with Him the gory details. One nice thing about her new Master is that he has a sturdy stable of nags that she instantly becomes attached to for devious reasons. She has brought one stallion along to show to her Papa as she knows he loved watching her from the cracks in the barn walls. She trembles as she begins to tell her Papa of all the horrible things that her into sleeplessness: nails trough tits, skewers through tits, plastic body bag suffocation and water torture, gang bang, gang rpe, bukkake, cruxifiction, piercing the webbing between her fingers and toes, hanging, fully submerged water torture, fire torture, scarification and branding are just a few of the things that she mentions to her salivating Papa as she realizes her pussy is getting wetter and wetter and the stallion is becoming restless and eager. She promises her Papa that she will obey her Masters wishes and he orders her to beg him to nail her tits to a board that very night. Trembling with fear she becomes overwhelmed with an insatiable need to be breed. She climbs on the raging nag cock and her ass swallows it with hunger... A nice big load for Papa before she's off to fetch her Master for the tit torture.
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