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Playmate Dominique Jane is heaven on Earth in this set from photographer Sasha Eisenman. For Dominique, life’s seemingly random events are anything but random—our red-headed, red-blooded Miss August believes that everything happens for a reason, and is content to let the universe be her guide. Lucky for us, she was fated to become a Playmate. “I’m Irish, and I really identify with that culture,” says Dominique. “Irish people are always in a good mood, and they’re always ready for a drink. That pretty much sums me up.” As if to demonstrate, Dominique gets behind the bar and mixes us a couple of stiff ones—something tells us she’d favor a dry, smoky whiskey over sugary Cosmopolitan any day. “We wanted to make it look like a full bar, so the whole crew got on the barstools,” says Dominique. “It was just the right ambiance, I definitely felt like a bar-hopper!” Hop to it with the irresistible Dominique Jane, right here on Playboy Plus.
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