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This update includes three videos. These videos have a few things in common. The first thing is they all include our friend MummyEd. The second thing is they all feature visitors to the Institute. The third thing is that they were shot five years ago with our old video camera. Our friend MummyEd was in charge charge of meeting and entertaining these particular visitors. As MummyEd will tell you, you never know what's going to be happening when you walk in the door of the SeriousBondage Institute (SBI). The first video is titled 'Dark ' and features a local San Francisco guy who wanted to be tied up while sitting on his saddle stand. This jockey is into both rubber and bondage, and although he didn't say so, I think he likes all the bits and saddles too. So, Dalton and MummyEd strapped him to the leather saddle and we took a bunch of photos for his Recon profile. Most of the gear was his, including the cool padded leather hood. At the very end of the shoot he asked us to put his jocky hat on his head over the hood. So maybe this guy is a real racing jockey? in any case, he contacted us recently and wants to come back again for another equine bondage scene.
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