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Cast: Caroline Hamsel
Genres: Hardcore, Anal, DP, Mature, Milf, Over 60, Big Tits, Blowjob, Cum Shot
Video language: English
When this scene opens, 62-year-old Caroline Hamsel is standing on a street in a sleazy part of town. It's broad daylight, and she's wearing a fishnet dress, stockings, a leather jacket and thigh-high boots with heels. She's smoking a cigarette. She looks like a hooker.Two guys approach her. She unzips her jacket to show them her tits, which are poking through her fishnets. This woman is not shy."Would you like to come with me?" she asks."Yeah," they say simultaneously.She shows them the way, and they take her arms, gentlemen that they are.They go back to her hooker flat. "I've never had sex with such young guys before," she tells them as she feels their cocks through their pants. One of the guys is 26. The other is 29.She goes back and forth, sucking one cock and then the other, spitting on them, getting them all hard and wet for her pay-for-play pussy. She bends over so one can fuck her from behind while she sucks the other guy's cock. And then it's DP time: one in her…
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Duration: 23:24
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