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Cast: Alex Hawk, Lance Hart, Sgt Miles
Dr Sgt Miles is doing his rounds in his hospital. A new doctor that just transferred in, Alex Hawk, is joining him. They are checking on a patient, Lance Hart, who Dr Sgt Miles is having trouble diagnosing. Dr Hawk asks if they have tried taking a sperm sample. Dr Miles says they haven’t and proceeds to lube up his hand and stroke Lance’s cock. Lance is very confused, but immediately aroused. While stroking his cock, Dr Miles suspects that this may not be the right thing to be doing, but Dr Hawk tells suggests that he squeeze the patient’s balls and keep him on the edge of cumming for as long as possible… Dr Miles is unaware that Dr Alex Hawk is actually and alien with the ability to manipulate human minds. He has implanted the idea that Dr Miles must stroke, edge and deny his patient over and over until the maximum amount of cum explodes from him. Alex Hawk’s species is looking for the perfect male D.N.A sample.
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