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Just when we thought our most extreme anal ‘Queen Maria’ couldn’t shock us any further with her humongous anal insertions, she returns in another record breaking movie, having ruined asscunt destroyed entirely with the ‘Dragon’ dildo from ‘Hankeys Toys’! This is the most enormous and demonic looking toy made be the master creators of adult silicone dildos, and it’s only intention is to completely destroy any hole brave enough to fuck it! We’ve seen Maria fucked with this mutant Dragon dick before, but never this hard and definitely not this deep! It measures over 4.25’ wide x 15.75’ long, covered in ridges, bumps and scales, it is the ultimate anal shredding dildo and Marias favorite one for destroying her ass with. Watch in amazement as she bends over on all fours, with her boyfriend behind her shoving the massive reptilian dick in and out of her ass with all his strength! We really couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw how deep he shoved it in Marias peachy Brazilian butt! She constantly screams and groans in as it thrusts in and out of her ruined hole. She no longer has an anus! She now has a severely stretched asscunt permanently wrecked and dysfunctional for any human dick! Maria craves this obscene anal destruction and she wants it 24/7! The size of her anal prolapse after this insane penetration is simply mind blowing, and cannot be missed if your a fan of the mesmerising anal insertion Goddess!
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