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Connor remains on his knees, roped to a wooden bench, a nasty, curved dildo rammed up his ass, tearing at his insides. He moans in agony, from the dildo but also from the lingering pain of his beating with thick, leather straps that left his muscular back and ass covered with 2-inch-wide, deep-red welts. The robotic young man torturing him yanks out the “punishment dildo” – only to fuck Connor again, long and hard, with an even larger, nastier one. The poor boy cries out in pain, but takes the abuse, even as the man slaps his whip-wounds while fucking him. Finally, it stops. Connor is untied. His young tormentor makes the universal gesture for “jerk off” and Connor lies back and complies, working his porn-star dick once again, getting it hard then busting a second load of cum all over his beaten and bruised torso. He lies there limp, his chest and abs heaving.
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