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Jared has never looked better. He is solid muscle from head to toe with no visible body fat; his body is so lean you can see the sinews holding his pecs together. He has the youthful face and skin of a teenager, naturally smooth, with just a few hairs around his nipples and on his chin. If you like a young jock as a slave, you have to love Jared. He is arrogant, pushing back at is tormentor, but he is also humiliated and clearly suffering, his ripped, naked body quivering in pain with each lash from the single-tail cutting into skin pulled tight over his abs, pecs and ribs. Jared is determined to take this beating like a man, but you can hear the agony in his gasps, especially when the whip hits his erect cock. Yes, his cock is kept rock-hard, even when he’s in pain. Then we turn him around. His ass is even better.
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