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How did you get started into fitness? I did a shoot with Megan Avalon a few years ago and was awestruck and inspired at her beauty and fitness level. What do you like about my female muscle? I love the fact that it not only shows sexy women but also sexy women with muscles at the same time. Best assets: my abs What's one bad habit you'd like to break? I'm a neat freak sometimes and my neatness can be borderline OCD at times. What's the one thing you never leave home without? Well there's a few things I never leave home without: gym clothes and my supplements. What are you a sucker for? I'm a sucker for wine and chocolate. What do you do when you want to turn a man on? Men are natural born hunters. They love the thrill of the chase. I LOVE teasing men.. with my body language, with my seductive words, with my touch.. Favorite food: burgers Favorite exercise: squats Favorite position: I LOVE being on top. My ideal guy is: funny, smart, but also someone who puts as much time and effort in the gym as I do. A sexual fantasy of mine is: I'm a very sexually open person and I've been blessed enough to come across some very like-minded people and can honestly say that I don't have any fantasies that I haven't done. But sex never seems to get boring for me no matter how vanilla (or non-vanilla) it is. When I'm feeling naughty I like to: wear something very distracting in public. What I wear to bed: I sleep naked A few sentences about myself: I'm a very outgoing and adventurous person. I love being outside and I love doing anything that lets me be outside. I love running, swimming, biking, hiking, snow boarding, surfing, zip lining, and most of all, swinging.
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