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1. Alex LeMonde, Fernando Montana, Brad Patton, Troy Moore
From the start, we have the enormously hung Alex LeMonde, Fernando Montana and Brad Patton working over bottom boy Troy Moore, who has no trouble taking over 30 inches of cock from the three brutal tops.
2. Ivan Andros, Kane O’Farrell, Matthew Rush
Next Ivan Andros submits to Kane and Matthew: Kane getting the rear and Matthew making him airtight by plugging up his mouth.
3. Brad Patton, Dean Monroe, Barrett Long
Then we meet up with Brad again, this time he’s got Dean Monroe. Just when you think that Dean couldn’t possibly take anymore cock, horse-hung Barrett Long joins in, slowly building up to a series of insane all-the-way-in-and-out insertion shots.
4. Shane Rollins, Gus Mattox, Dean Monroe
Next we find Shane Rollins riding on Gus Mattox’s cock, until Dean pushes him off so he can get a ride. In another stunning display of his ass-manship, Dean manages to stuff both Gus and Shane’s cocks in his unstoppable ass.
5. Joe Sport, Arpad Miklos
Finally we have the pairing of the ultra-butch Joe Sport and Arpad Miklos as the two hyper-masculine men show how to get down, Scarborough style.
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