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Climbers Antal Posza and Beni Laczko can't wait to scale the Cursed Gorge, but George Vidanov thinks it's too dangerous. George agrees on one condition—that he'll have one last sexual encounter before he faces the hazards of the climb. Antal and Beni eagerly submit to his demands. The men strip down and devote themselves to a scorching session of cocksucking, rimming and asspounding—leaving them with a steamy memory of the encounter…should it be their last. All suited up, Antal and Beni head out, tingling with excitement. But George has left his helmet behind. As he retrieves it, George interrupts Pal Szakacs and Victor Magyar in the midst of their own erotic workout. George informs the men of his plans and asks them to send out mountain rescue should he fail to return by late afternoon. With George on his way, Pal and Magyar resume their play: sucking each other, spanning each others flesh with searching lips, probing tongues, and stiff demanding cocks—submitting to desire and spilling over into orgasm. Mihal Laszlo complains of boredom as he plays cards with Danno Alecs and Zoly Mirlos inside a cabin. Danno and Zoly remind that things could be worse, they could be out in the cold, working. "Where's your spirit of adventure?" Mihal asks, and his comrades determine to show him exactly where their adventurous spirits swell. Soon the three comrades are lost in lusty abandon….allowing their desire to guide them as they lick, fondle, suck, stroke, and probe. Danno and Zoly take turns fucking Mihal until finally all three men spew forth thick creamy ropes of satisfaction. Krisztian Szabo and Martin Hubai are in the midst of fleshy indulgence when George Vidanov arrives seeking help for his injured climbing partner. Martin calls Mountain Rescue, and George prepares to depart, but Krisztian and Martin have other plans. "Mountain rescue will take care of things," Martin explains, "why not stay?" Soon George is sandwiched between Krisztian and Martin, sucking and playing with their uncut cocks. The threesome fuck and suck their way into a frenzy….finally blowing their urgent loads and cooling their furious desire. Experience the challenge of this erotic expedition to the peaks of satisfaction amidst a splendid landscape of tight sculpted male flesh. Join our demanding climbers for a journey to the summit of desire and surrender to your own snowy avalanche of pleasure today!
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