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A megastar cast with Zak Spears, Marco Rossi, Christian Fox and Christopher Cox in fiery action that continues from beginning to end.
1. Aaron Austin, Christopher Cox
Muscular Aaron Austin and Christian Fox start off in white briefs;Brandon West appears to be watching this scene from a close distance, as well as other scenes
2. Hunter Scott, Kevin Kramer
Hairy Hunter Scott and Kevin Kramer.
3. Zak Spears, Brandon West
Hairy musclestud Zak Spears is enjoying a sexual workout with blond Brandon West. Brandon sucks Zak's cock as Zak pumps his face before pulling out and getting his own taste of Brandon's cock. Zak rims and fingers Brandon's hole... preparing it for the intrusion of his hard thick cock. Zak slams Brandon hard as the studs work themselves up to orgasm.
4. Marco Rossi, David Logan, Christian Fox
Marco Rossi and David Logan (in chains), Christopher Cox watches from above, then joins in.
5. Matt Dietz
Brandon West has a brief solo scene, remembering the above scenes
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