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"Enter a dark zone of leather and lust where hot bruthas explore their sexual desires with no shame. From sucking to fucking and piss to fists, bruthas are doin' what da funk they wanna do! Enter the world of Code Black.
The journey begins with go-go daddy Foxx stroking his ten hard inches of black dick while he remembers a hot threesome he had earlier in the evening with Kaizen Ono and porn icon Mario Ortiz. These studs turn the bar's stairwell into a three-way fuck and suck frenzy, complete with four loads of nut and a bucket of piss. Next go with Leon Masters as he explores Flex Deon Blake's deep hole with his fist. This is Flex's first time bottoming on film and Leon definitely enjoys breaking that hole in with his hand.
Leon is still thirsty for action so he heads into the bathroom with Kyree Richards for some piss play. They get so caught up that they don't notice voyeur Will Lapis. The scene gets him so turned on he leaves to have a cigar and ends up draining his dick after his smoke.
Wind up back at home in bed with Squirt Peters. He dreams about his scene that night with Dawg Dixon and Harry Wolfe. Squirt and Dawg turn Harry into their bitch for the night. After choking him with their dicks and beating his ass red, they chain Harry to a fence and Squirt uses all ten inches of his fat dick to fuck Harry a new asshole! At the end, Dawg and Squirt unload their nuts all over Harry's head.
And all through the night, play with Harry, Leon, Kyree and Kenn Turner on the pool table until they spill their nuts. Code Black is over ninety minutes of hard, hot brutha-sex!"
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