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Fuji is just sexy as fuck. Here, he enjoys the taste and hole of Makoto. The boys play, wrestle and have loads of fun for JapanBoyz. Once Fuji pulls up this bottom boys shirt, and orally works on his nipples, well, I think you can guess where Fuji is headed. Working on Makotos pits and nips, the top does take pleasure in having his partner squirm, as do we. With more oral, comes sweet droplets of precum from the bottom boy.
Both naked, the tongue action continues, with some 69 and rimming before Fuji lubes up and pumps his finger into Makotos ass. Using more lube, and a larger implement, Fuji slides himself in; Makoto relishes the sensation as his cock and nipples stand firm. The camera catches the backside of the boys with Fuji going balls deep. Switching out to several positions, the pair finally land in a missionary way and Makoto is close. The enormous and multiple shots from the bottom serve to show just how good Fuji can fuck; Makotos torso is drenched. As Fuji pulls out, he keeps his finger warm and unloads on his partners flaccid cock and balls.
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