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Release Year: 2015
Cast: Gina Valentina, Ariana Cruz
Genres: straight, amateur porn, brunette, bikini, shaved, skinny, tanlines, tattoo, latina sex, outside, threesome, 18 plus teen porn, 2girlbj, blow jobs
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Arianna Cruz and her friend Gina are two perfect exampled of how sometimes the gods of booty answer your prayers. We were hanging out at the beach and we thought we were going to come up empty because we got out there too late. We decided to just go get some drinks and see if we would fare better with some chicks at a bar. Tyler needed to take a piss really quick so he made his way to a little covered area of the beach and ran smack dab into two hot Latinas taking a break from the punishing Florida sun. They had tanned enough but still wanted to enjoy the weather without getting a sunburn. They both caught Tyler taking a leak and saw how well he was packing. Tyler called me over and we spoke to them for a little while and convinced them to come over the house. These two petite Latinas, one from Brazil and the other from Mexico, really put it on Tyler
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