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1. Eric appears as a sexy and horny guy seeking a personal trainer. Surfing the internet, he hits on the website of hot porn superstar Robert Van Damme and decides to call him. Van Damme (who really does work as a personal trainer and nutritionist in his non-porn life) is intrigued by this potential new client whose name is "Hung" and agrees to go to Eric’s place for their first session later that day. The idea of actually meeting Van Damme excites Eric so much that he begins a "quasi-solo" jack off scene that is both sensual and erotic. As Eric is caressing his firm, defined body and stroking his large thick cock, a mysterious pair of hands begins to massage him and bring him to climax.?Van Damme then arrives at Eric’s apartment to begin the training session. After some push ups done together, Van Damme – curious to see what’s given Eric his nickname – suggests that they shed their clothes to continue the workout. Amazed and turned on by Eric’s famous thick cock, Van Dame drops to his knees to begin worshipping it. Sucking Eric’s enormous dick eventually leads to an incredibly hot scene filled with mutual oral sex, Van Damme’s intense rimming of Eric’s butt hole, and his deep plowing of this Asian sex machine. After they both have great orgasms, Van Damme suggests Eric try further workouts at the gym he uses.
2. Eric is helping out one of his friends, filling in as a delivery boy for Chinese take-out food. His first delivery customer turns out to be the super sexy Nick Capra. He has just come to town and is suddenly super horny. He’s never been fucked before and wants to try it, so he decides to order Chinese take-out in hopes that the delivery boy will deliver more than food. Well, he gets more than he ordered with Eric. When Capra pulls out his hard cock and offers it to Eric as a tip, Eric just smiles and tells Capra that he has an even bigger tip for him. When Nick discovers what Eric means, the fun begins. Nick ends up rimming and fucking his new friend every way possible. It doesn’t end until both shoot incredible loads. Oh, Nick never does get fucked himself. I guess it seemed like a good horny idea at the time.
3. Eric shows up at the boxing gym Van Damme recommended. The trainer (played in a cameo role by veteran porn star Ryan Block) tells him that he has the potential for great success as a boxer but first he needs to learn discipline and endurance. Block then motions for three boxers (Jason Crew, Kevin Armstrong, and Damon Phoenix) to pleasure Hung to orgasm and see how long he can take it! The three tie Eric with rope to the side of the boxing ring and begin to play his body in every way imaginable. They each take turns jerking him off, sucking on his dick, and pulling his impressive foreskin over its huge head while simultaneously kissing him, licking his nipples and balls. Finally, each of them sits several times on his rock hard cock. He fucks them all in every direction possible through never using his still bound hands. It’s an exhausting four-way orgy that ends with each of the guys shooting his built up load.
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