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Jack Off Magic This video is about realizing the life of your dreams through hot jack-off fun by Brad Amberheart.
You'll need the following supplies: Piece of paper or poster board OR mirror, magic marker OR lipstick, and 1 horny guy! This is the gift that keeps on giving! Did you ever consider that Jacking Off could actually help you fulfill your life’s dreams? I’ll bet not! We live in a world where “jacking off” has been reduced to something we do to “get off” or—literally—to relieve ourselves of pent-up pressure. Some guys even jack off because they find their sex drives to be too distracting (i.e., “I would never get anything accomplished if I didn’t jack off every day because I think about sex so much that it distracts me from getting things done…”). It might be time to use some of that life juice to empower your dreams and really get some shit done. Here’s how: We’ll do this in 3 Basic Steps: Visualize, Express, & Jack Off! Step 1: Visualize The Dream Whether you know it or not, everything you’re experiencing today was a dream yesterday—conscious or instinctive. Reality begins when you have the courage to dream it into being. While you’re exercising, meditating, driving, taking a bath, or listening to music, consider what you’re really ready to receive right now in your life. This is different than just asking yourself what you want. The phrase “I want” takes on a whole new level of power and meaning when you change it just slightly, to read, “I’m ready for…” Give yourself a moment to just let your imagination go. Allow yourself to see yourself living the life of your dreams. Sex magician Brad Amberheart suggests that the “life of our dreams” might not just be related to the Stuff we can have (ie. house, car, clothes), but more-so related to the quality of life we enjoy. When you’re living the life of your dreams, how would you feel? Relaxed? Free from anxiety? Happy? Grateful? Go ahead… See yourself that way! Now, affirm that reality to yourself, as if it has already happened. For example, you might wish that you could feel more relaxed in general, and less stressed. When you’re preparing for sexual magic, it’s critical to frame your New Reality as an Affirmative Statement. So rather than saying, “I wish I wasn’t so fucking stressed all the time,” say it in the Affirmative, as if it already has come true: “I live a life of great ease. I enjoy being relaxed every day, all day, wherever I am, and whatever I’m doing…” If you find yourself saying “Bullshit!” to yourself, then your magic won’t work. In order for magic to work, you have to Believe it when you say it, and feel how good it is with all of your heart and body and soul, even before it has come to pass in physical reality. You may have to write it down and stare at it for a few days, weeks, or months before you can fully believe it or embody it. Are you ready to see this happen? Good. You’re ready for step 2 (Expression) Do it! It’s simple. Dream. Let yourself dream while you’re exercising, dancing, or engaged in something physical which disengages the over-active mind. Let your dreams well up like water from deep inside the Earth. Change your wishes to reality by stating them in the affirmative. Examples: “I wish I had more money” becomes the affirmative statement, “I’m wealthy. I have great financial ease in my life and all of my needs have been met abundantly.” “I wish I could enjoy more great sex in my life. I wish I were a better lover in bed” becomes the affirmative statement, “I enjoy lots of great sex with creative, fun, lovers. I’m a great lover and my sexual joy is contagious." Step 2: express it in words, symbols, or pictures! You’re going to prepare a visual representation—simple or elaborate—to express your vision. Follow these simple steps: get a large blank poster-board. Alternatively, you can write things with lipstick/lip gloss on your bathroom mirror, or post notes around it. Just keep in mind that you’re going to be looking at these things while you’re jacking off, so if you put them on/around a mirror, be sure you’re ready to enjoy looking at yourself while you’re jacking off. Write your affirmations as words or phrases on the poster board (or on/around your jack-off mirror) with a magic marker, paints, or whatever you have available. Your words should be visible to you from at least 2-3 feet away. This is where you write your affirmations from step 1—I.E., “I move through with life with great financial ease. I enjoy lots of great sex with creative, fun lovers. I’m enjoying being relaxed throughout my day, wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. You’re going to be looking at this board when you jack off. For clarity and ease, it could be helpful to also narrow down your affirmations to single words: alive, vibrant, relaxed, sexy, fun, excited! Phrases also work! If you use words, make sure you can feel them in your body as truth when you look at them. If they don’t feel true yet, try staring at them every day until they do. Cut out/print out hot erotic pictures from magazines/online which excite you! Glue/pin the pictures to your poster or around your mirror, in between your affirmations. It’s best that these be pictures that excite you so much you can barely fucking stand it. Pick out your favorite, most exciting, hot guys and/or scenes. The idea is that these hot pictures are going to help you raise erotic energy for jacking off to the accompaniment of your dreams! We’re weaving together your dreams, with wild excitement and passion to fuel them. Got it? Good. Step 3: cum! Fertilize your vision. Now for the funn part. Jack off! Excite yourself! Move energy throughout your body! Dance in your joy! Hold the quality of life in your heart that you wish to embody more! Look at your affirmations on the poster/mirror and speak them out loud to yourself in between your groans of pleasure. While you face the word, photo, or collage of images and words that you’ve created, moan and shout for joy as if your dreams already have been fulfilled. Dance with the sensations in your body of knowing that this quality of life you’ve expressed is already coming alive in you! The vibration of pleasure alone—with or without cum—is enough to attract these positive qualities to you, as you look them right in the face! And if you cum, add your huge cum load to that image or those words! Cum all over it! Smear it into the words and images. (if you’re cumming on a mirror, you can use this opportunity to affirm your sexiness and beauty as an erotic being.) your cum is fertile. Let it fertilize your dreams. Be the witness to the immaculate conception of your dreams, mary! And prepare to give them birth. Amen. Blessed be. Instructional self-pleasure twinks
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