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Release Year: 2018
Since I am a detail loving guy and have many years of experience in 3D rendering, you will get very high-quality images of the island's many gorgeous girls using the IRay rendering engine.
All of the stunning models you see in my game are custom made, so you haven't seem them anywhere else and you won't see them in any other games.
The game has a full story and there are quests upon quests to be managed, undertaken and solved.
A relationship and stats system for you and your ravishing fellow island guests is key to your progress, with constantly-updated parameters for traits such as love, affection, anger, strength, charm and endurance.
There are no wrong choices! The game is designed in a way that you cannot mess it up completely. There is always a way to recover and come back from poor decisions.
The game is huge with a selection of 14 different girls, as I write this.
Holiday Island features completely non-linear gameplay, with a multitude of different options, random events and specialized encounters that will constantly surprise and entice the player to build his relationship with each of the girls surrounding him.

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