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Her first day in the workplace, and this brunette is learning just how bad this place is when one of her co-workers approaches her with his dick in his hand. He may have thought she was an easy mark in her skimpy dress, but she knows damn well how to defend herself against perverts. She delivers some kicks to his exposed balls, sending him writhing to the ground. When he still doesn’t get the point, she stands him up and continues by delivering some punches to his balls. Turning the tables, she teases him with her hot body and has him lick her pussy, but that doesn’t mean all is forgiven since she continues to punish his balls whenever he’s just getting horny again. And since he was staring at her ass, she sits that booty down on his cock and balls, grinding herself down against them. For putting up with her kicking, punching, and stepping on his sore nuts, she lets him cum on her feet and makes it clear that she’ll be making the rules from now on.
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