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Once you bust a nut, you're good for a while. The horniness leaves. always comes back. And when it comes back, sometimes the memory of your last visit with a young lady isn't enough. Which means, its time for another visit. Because horny men need companionship. And what better companion is there than a Pawg? Now this Pawg has a big perfect booty...but she says that her special skill is her mouth. She says that some men say her mouth is better than her pussy...and they fuck like one too! Of course a statement like that makes Branden very, very curious. So he tells her to make him nut with her hands and mouth. Tough task? Not with this one! Her whole body feel good! Her hands alone drive him wild! Just like the last girl, this one is a blowjob Expert! Her wet sloppy mouth and perfect technique makes him moan and jump and cry out. At one point, it feels So Good that he can't even move. He just lays there in stunned, silent . The beast comes out. But her soft, silky throat, simply takes the BBC and asks for more.
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